- Common nails – from 3 cm to 20 cm
- Upholstery nails– from 1,6/16mm to 2,5/30mm
- Carpenter's nails – from 1,0/16 mm to 1,4/25mm
- Roofing nails with zinc coated - 15,20,25,40,50 mm
- Concrete nails from 3 cm to 7 cm



Wire nettings

- Chain link fences from zinc coated wire and chain link fences from PVC coated wire (green colour ) – from 0,5 m to 3 m
- Welded wire netting with zinc coated and welded wire netting with PVC coated - from 1m to 2 m
- Hexagonal wire netting (black and galvanized)
- Square wire mesh (rolls) and square wire mesh (list 2000/1000mm) (black ,galvanized,non- corrosive)

Wire netting Varna


- Low carbon steel wire ,soft (black annealed wire )– from ф0,8mm to ф6,0mm
-Low carbon steel wire ,soft ,precious wound (wire for bale press machine)- from 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm
- Low carbon steel wire, hard– from ф1,0mm to ф10,0mm
- Galvanized low-carbon steel wire from ф 0.8 mm to ф 3.00 mm
- Barbed wire – galvanized and with PVC coated
- Welded wire , copper plated from ф0,6mm to ф 1.2 mm ,rolls with weight 5 and 15 kg
- Gauged low carbon steel wire from ф 2 mm to ф 10mm
- Straightened wire with length to 4 m

Wires Varna

Furniture Handle sets/Door and window handles

- Locks -from 30/30 mm to 40/50 mm according to DIN and BDS
- Padlocks
- Hinges - for windows (№6,7,8) , for door(№9 и №10), etc.
-Other product of this kind




Discs for metal, Discs for non-metal , Diskcs for grinds : trade -mark “Bulflex”

- Cutting wheels for metal :115/3, 125/3, 150/3, 180/3, 230/3,300/3,5 и 115/1, 125/1, 180/2, 230/2
- Cutting wheels for stone 115/3, 125/3, 150/3, 180/3, 230/3 и 300/3,5
- Grinding wheels for metal and stone 115/6, 125/6, 150/6, 180/6 и 230/6

Cutting and grinding wheels ,DISCS BULFLEX IN VARNA

Electrodes “Vejen”, Electrodes “Nord” , Electrodes “Univers”

- "Vejen" 2.0mm ,2,5mm, 3,2mm, 4,0mm, 5,0mm,6.00mm
- "Nord" 2,5 mm , 3,2mm, 4,0 mm и 5,0mm
- "Univers" 2,5 mm и 3,25mm
- For cast- iron E-NIFE 2,5mm, 3,2mm и 4,0mm
- For non-corrosive top E18/10МБ 2,5mm и 3,25mm

Електроди за заваряване Варна

Sandpaper “Smirdex”

- Dry from Р40 to Р400
- Water from Р240 to Р1500

Sandpaper "Smirdex" Varna


-Regular, angle-shaped, L-shaped and and triangle connectors

Connectors Varna


-Bolts - machine bolts, carter's bolt,etc
- Гайки от ф3мм до ф30мм Nuts from M3 to M27
- Screws- metrical ,for wooden surface , for plastic-card board surface, roofing screw, self-drilling screw
- Washers : plain washers,feeder washers, rubber washers,etc.
- Threaded rod, Nylon fixings, Hammer (nail) nylon fixing , Screw (nail)nylon fixing

Крепежни елементи Варна

Eurofence panel and posts PVC coated and with polyester coating.

Standard holding according to RAL 6005. The diameter of wire ф 4.5mm, openings 150/50 mm , the size of the panel 1500/2500 and 2000/2500 mm

оградно пано


- Ropes and cords (hemp and capron) , folio with width from 2m to 10 m

- Paints and elements for wood and metal, silicons, construction pufoam, paint brushes ,rollers, etc.
- Wooden handle for : spade,mattock, hatchet, pick,oar, adze, ,hammer.

- Hardware- gutters,construction wheelbarrows, trowel, rosette , pails, flue pipes, etc.