Wire nettings

Chain link fences from zinc coated wire

  • оградни мрежи поцинковани
  • оградни мрежи поцинковани (2)

Diameter of the wire from  1,8 mm to 3 mm
Height  from 0,5 м to 3 м
Dimensions of the mesh (openings)  - according to diameter of the wire

Chain link fences from PVC coated wire

 Diameter of the wire with coating   2,5mm
Height from 0,5м to 3м
Dimensions of the mesh(openings)-  40/40 mm и 50/50 mm

Welded wire netting

Diameter of the wire ϕ 1,8 mm, ϕ 2,2 mm
Height 1,50 м, 1,80 м, 2,00 м
dimensions of the mesh(opening) 50/50 mm или 50/75 mm

Welded wire netting with PVC coated

Diameter of the wire  ϕ 2,0 mm
Diameter of the wire with PVC coating  ϕ 2,5 mm
Height 1,50 m
Dimensions of the mesh(opening) 50/50 mm or 50/75 mm

Welded wire netting electro-galvanized with zinc coated

Height 1м.
Diameter of the wire  1,5 mm
Dimensions of the mesh(openings)12,7/12,7 mm; 12,7/25,4 mm; 25,4/25,4 mm

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